Quiet moments in the struggle

Lesley Lawson book cover

My new book Quiet moments in the struggle is now available as an e-book.

Set in the 1980s Quiet Moments is a memoir of sorts, combining images and stories from my life as a writer and documentary photographer in South Africa.

60 pages of text and 100 black and white photographs. £9.99

Downloadable from Blurb.
Link: http://www.blurb.co.uk/ebooks/692381-quiet-moments-in-the-struggle

Please note: This is best viewed on a computer and works well on Mac and the latest IOS devices.
PC users will have to download free e-reader software.
It is a large file and may not download on early versions of Kindle.

Side Effects


Side Effects, the story of AIDS in South Africa. Lesley Lawson, Double Storey 2008.

"Reading this book has boosted my immune system immensely." Lucky Mazibiuko, Sowetan columnist.

"The book successfully distils 25 years of political responses, newspaper reports and major court battles into a punchy and highly relevant summary of why South Africa, a relatively well-resourced country with some infrastructure, should have such high infection rates. The answer lies beyond the one-word summary: Manto." Sunday Times, South Africa.